Welcome to Westmont Campus Scheduling

Welcome to the Westmont Campus Scheduling System!


Welcome to Westmont Campus Scheduling

Employees may schedule facilities and equipment resources so as to carry out their specific job duties and to schedule events related to their responsibilities at the College. Students may schedule facilities and equipment resources for both social and academic activities with the guidance and approval of the Office of Campus Life and the Office of Campus Scheduling. A contract and a rental fee are required for all events not directly involving College business that require facility or equipment usage (e.g., weddings, wedding showers, birthday parties, private voice lessons, etc.).


     For faculty and staff utilizing college facilities for non-Westmont activities, all such events must be scheduled on EMS through the Campus Scheduling Office.  In recognition of the faculty or staff member’s service to the college, discounts from current college usage fees include:

 a)   50% discount on college space for personal business or non-business events.  This also applies to all alumni, former staff/faculty, board members, and special friends of the school.  It may also apply to associates whose clientele consists of multiple Westmont employees and/or their children.  The 50% discount will apply to wedding space and packages for current faculty, staff and alumni.  To receive the discount noted in this paragraph, the individual with the Westmont relationship that qualifies for the discount must be present at the event.

  b)  80% discount for non-profit organizations with special relationships with the school or where a faculty or staff member is playing a significant role as director of an event, lead instructor, etc.

  c) 100% discount on a case-by-case basis for single events. May be requested by E-team members or approved by Director of Conference Services.

A request for facility or room use should be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the date(s) requested.  A confirmation stating whether your request has been confirmed or denied will be emailed to you within four (4) business days of the initial request.

For more information, please contact the Campus Scheduling staff at (805) 565-6046 or scheduling@westmont.edu. We are happy to assist you in planning your events on the Westmont College campus.

Campus Scheduling Office Hours: 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday

Current Westmont Staff and Faculty
For access select Login (click directly on the words) under My Account in the above menu. Type in your Westmont e-mail and password.   (If your Login request is declined, you may not have been approved as a user yet. Contact the Campus Scheduling office at (805) 565-6046 or scheduling@westmont.edu.)

To return to this page while navigating this site click on the Westmont logo in the top left corner. 

Current Westmont Student
For access select Login (click directly on the words) under My Account in the above menu. Type in your Westmont e-mail and password.  To be eligible to create an account and be approved to request spaces through Westmont's campus scheduling system, you must meet the following criteria:

1.  Be a designated officer from an officially recognized Westmont club or organization. 

2.  Received approval from your club or organization advisor.

Campus Scheduling Guidelines


  • On the toolbar, click My Account.
  • Click Login.
  • Type in your Westmont e-mail and password.
  • (If your Login request is declined, you may not have been approved as a user yet. Contact the Campus Scheduling office at (805) 565-6046 or scheduling@westmont.edu.)

View the Calendar

  •  On the toolbar, click Browse.
  • Click Browse Calendar. You can view the calendar of events in different formats.
  • Click on the tabs for the list or calendar format desired.
  • To view a specific date, click on the calendar icon on the right.
  • To browse for specific events, event types, specific buildings, or other details, click on Filter on the right.

View Facilities Information

  • On the toolbar, click Browse.
  •  Click Browse Facilities to view room set-up type and room capacity.
  • Click the room name for additional information.

View Space Availability

  • On the toolbar, click Browse.
  • Click Browse for Space.
  • To browse for specific space for a specific date, click Filter on the right.
  • Under Facilities, scroll down to select the specific building.
  •  Click Apply to search.

Submit A Room Reservation Request

  • Select Reservations on the toolbar.
  • Select Room Request.
  • Select a Date and Time. You can book multiple dates & times by choosing daily, weekly, monthly, or random recurrence options.
  • Under Location you may select a specific building or just leave the setting at (all) to view all rooms available for that date and time.
  •  Under Attendance, type in your estimated number of attendees for your event. The system will only display rooms that can accommodate your attendance number. 
  •  Click Search. A list of rooms will appear. For information about the room or building, click on the room or building name.
  • Click on Reserve for the specific room listing. A new page showing the date, time, and room will appear. This does not mean your request has been processed.
  • Select the Continue button to begin processing your request. (You also have the option of requesting more rooms or restarting the process by clicking on those buttons.)
  • A new page will appear with spaces to fill in your event details. Please complete all required fields.
  • Under Groups, select your department,
  • Select Other if your department is not listed.  (Please contact Campus Scheduling to add your department to the list.)
  • Under Contact select your name.  If your name is not listed, select (temporary contact) and then fill in your information.  Please NOTE: Your phone number and e-mail address are required to complete your request.
  •  Under Additional Information, please answer the question in red.
  • Click Submit once only.
  •  If the information is complete, a new page will appear with your Reservation Summary. Please NOTE: This page is not a confirmation.
  • On the Bookings toolbar, look under the Status column to see the status of your booking.
  • You can edit your request by clicking the specific booking.
  • You can cancel your request by clicking on the red X next to the specific booking.
  •  You may return to this page to check your reservation status.

 Check Your Reservation Status

  • Choose Reservations
  • Click on View My Requests. You can always edit or cancel your requests from here as well.
  • You should also receive e-mail notification when the status of your reservation is updated.

 Request Event Service

  • You can request Event Services by clicking the green plus + next to the specific booking.
  • Select the item you want to reserve.
  •  Enter the quantity you need.
  • You can request a specific room configuration, signage for an event, and any additional information in the Notes section. Please contact Alex Cameron, Event Services Coordinator if you have questions at (805) 565-7070 or alcameron@westmont.edu.

 Request Telecommunication  or Media Services

  • Click the Equipment Management (EO) tab above.
  • You can request services directly from the EO website.
  • Please contact Doug Conrad, Associate Director Of Academic & Institutional Technology if you have any questions at (805) 565-6183 or oat@westmont.edu.

 Request Dining Services

  • Click the Dining Services tab above.
  • You can request catering services directly from the Dining Services website.
  • Please contact Kevin O’Dowd, Dining Commons Manager at (805) 565-6082, or kodowd@westmont.edu if you have any questions.

Request Approval for Amplified Sound
Please contact Jena Harris at (805) 565-6048, or jharris@westmont.edu if your event requires amplified sound.

Additional Information
If you log out and desire to login again to EMS, you can return to the homepage by clicking the Westmont icon in the upper left corner.

If you need to request a space less than two business days prior to an event, please contact the Campus Scheduling office at (805) 565-6046 or scheduling@westmont.edu.  We will do our best to accommodate your request if space is available and does not require a building approver.  Please NOTE: Several facilities require the approval of a particular department, which can take more than two days to process. 

For assistance using the online campus scheduling system, please contact the Campus Scheduling office at (805) 565-6046 or scheduling@westmont.edu.